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Like all good millennials I enjoy house plants, sushi, NPR, and fighting white supremacy. Before producing social media content I wanted to be a shark biologist. Check out my co-author credit in the Scientific Journal Botany

How did you get your Job at BuzzFeed?

I produced videos for my alma mater as a side hustle to make money in college. Those skills combined with my biology degree got my foot in the door as an intern making science videos. Now I create serialized IP for multiple brands that consistently over perform goal metrics. 


BuzzFeed trained me to be a predator (producer/editor) but my most valuable skill is understanding what makes videos go viral on social media.


Specifically proficient in cinemtography, studio lighting, audio, and Adobe softwares like Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. 


But I check Instagram messages way more frequently.

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