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Like all good millennials I enjoy house plants, sushi, NPR, and fighting white supremacy. Before making travel content I wanted to be a shark biologist. Check out my co-author credit in the Scientific Journal Botany

How did you get your Job at BuzzFeed?

I produced videos for my alma mater as a side hustle to make money in college. Those skills combined with my biology degree got my foot in the door as an intern making science videos. Once there I promptly steered myself towards food/travel content and I still can't believe that's an actual job people can have.


BuzzFeed trained me to be a predator (producer/editor). You name it and I can youtube tutorial my way through it. 


But specifically proficient in DSLR videography, studio lighting, audio, and Adobe softwares like Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. 


But I check Instagram messages way more frequently.

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